"Winter storm hits Matagorda County" by: Jessica Shepard

   Freezing rain and historically low temperatures hit Matagorda County Valentine’s Day – only to drop even further Monday, Feb. 15.
   The low for Monday was 12 degrees while it only got up to 23 degrees during the day and a blustery North wind bounced between 10-15 mph.
   Nearly every road in the county was covered in ice and many residents took to social media to warn their fellow citizens of power outages, icy roads and other weather-borne problems.
   “I live in Markham and we’ve been without power for over 12 hours,” said Dianne Harding.
   “Been out since 2 a.m. here in Matagorda,” said Carlos DeMattos.
   “There is a ‘system wide power failure’ across Texas,” said Travis Herzog with ABC-13 news.
   “Nuclear, coal, natural gas, and wind power generation have actually gone offline. These are now “controlled outages” that will last for extended periods of time. There are no longer any rolling blackouts.
   “If you have no power, you may not have it back for a day or two. And if you have power, you still may lose it. Conserve energy, and do everything you can to stay warm.”

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