"Bay City Gas to spread storm costs over several months" by: Jessica Shepard

   Bay City Gas Company customers can expect a higher bill for their February usage in the mail this week for costs incurred due to Winter Storm Uri.
   “The billed cost of gas to customers for February usage is $.407/ccf,” said Bay City Gas Co. Manager Kevin Hecht.
   “For comparison, the January billed cost of gas was $.315/ccf. This $.407 is a tiny fraction of what Bay City Gas Company will have to pay its gas supplier, and was intentionally set low to help customers get through the February event without a massive gas bill.
   “Bay City Gas cannot absorb the huge loss created by billing customers for far less than the true February cost of gas, so we are exploring ways to collect the difference over time,” he added.
   Natural gas is measured in hundreds of cubic feet (CCF).
   Winter Storm Uri doubled customer’s usage for the month of February to roughly 42,000 ccf – over twice the amount used in previous years.
   “We’re expecting a natural gas bill at nearly $4 million, due to the storm,” said Hecht during a workshop with City Council March 2.

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