"Easter is almost upon us, brings up memories of egg hunts past" by: Jessica Shepard

   I feel like we’re in this weird time vortex since we shifted clocks forward an hour.
   It just dawned on me that Easter is only about two weeks away and I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep!
   With COVID still impacting our lives, it’s made it harder for my siblings to get off work for the traditional family time.
   In fact, neither of them will be coming home for a while longer and that means we won’t get to dye and hide eggs this year.
   Though that means my sister might also ask for us to do so next year.
   We’ll just have to wait and see.
   I do have to admit that my favorite part of impending Easter celebrations is getting the chance to take photos at the annual Bay City Parks and Recreation Department’s egg scramble.
   There’s nothing as awesome and terrifying as a whole line of children armed with their baskets that descend upon the open field of harmless plastic eggs.
   I get a chance to see every moment of excitement on their faces.
   Not to be fair, I also say it’s terrifying because sometimes the older children are a bit more aggressive – but they’re all cheered on by parents and guardians.
   It also often reminds me of watching a defensive line in football just sweep out after the quarterback.
   Plus, it gets me a bit nostalgic for my own days spent hunting for eggs and trying to either get the most of the special “prize” eggs.
   I can also remember egg hunts and scrambles at school, church, and the VFW hall.
   Not to mention we hunted twice on Easter Sunday proper – once at home then another time at my grandparents’ house.
   I don’t’ think I was an aggressive hunter, but my mom might have stories about it being different from her point of view.
   After all, as the eldest child, I was able to see and reach higher than my younger siblings and if they took too long, I had no trouble just snatching eggs from under their noses.
   Though, in later years when my sister and I were in middle school, we learned that since all the candy ended up in the same jar at the house that we could just trade candy or pool our prize eggs together to get one awesome item.
   I also had the biggest basket that could hold the most eggs – which sounds like an unfair advantage, but, that was a personal choice since my sister hated the pink designs on mine and loved her yellow basket more.
   Looking back, I do feel a little bad for my brother since he was the youngest of us all and we just don’t have the same relationship as I do with my sister.
   Regardless, once he reached six feet tall, my sister and I were at a disadvantage since he was the one who could see all the eggs with ease instead of the pair of us dividing the field and conquering together.
   The prize eggs changed as we got older, too!
   Now, at our age, we’re looking out for cash money or coupons to exchange for other items with mom. 

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