"Matagorda County Agriculture News and Happenings April/May 2021" Aaron Sumrall, PhD Matagorda County Extension Agent – Agriculture/Natural Resources Texas A&M AgriLife

   Howdy! Hard to believe it is already April Fools and month 4 of the new year. 
   This year has already been one to remember in many ways, both good and not so much! 
   Following the freeze that none of us want to repeat, in which Matagorda County agriculture producers lost an estimated $60 million in combined commodities, planting started. 
   Many were concerned about not getting fertilizer in the ground in a reasonable time due to the backup stemming from the freeze. 
   Planters, however, did follow quickly behind fertilizer with equipment running around the clock. 
   To date virtually all the corn is in the ground, grain sorghum is nearing completion, and cotton is rolling into planting smaller outlying locations. 
   New terraces now traverse the fresh rice fields with many already planted. 
   Cattle folks are gathering up all over the county helping one another in working calves, vaccinating, and moving to new pasture. 
   Prep on hay land is in full swing and turf producers are digging newly growing product after the freeze burn. 
   This is all the beauty of Matagorda County agriculture. 
   There is never a dull moment in a county that never stops moving. 
   As you read this, please remember our aquaculture producers in your prayers. 
   All were hit hard in the freeze, with the red fish production seeing near a 100% loss. 
   In this commodity field, financial assistance is still fuzzy, and these families are living in uncertain times.
   We do have a few events coming up that may be of need and importance to you. 
   April 23 will be a spring pond event covering aquatic plant management and stocking fish. 
   May 11 will be the spring beef and forage event focusing on veterinary considerations, land management, and cattle marketing and selection of replacements. 
   May 14 will be a newly emerging trend of nature tourism information meetings. 
   Landowners all over Texas are seeing revenues coming in from expanding operations to include nature tourism. 
   Wild Pig Situation and program meeting
   There will be a meeting to discuss the wild pig situation and management needs at 8 a.m. Friday, May 7. 
   We will follow this with discussion of development of a wildlife cooperative in Matagorda County focusing on all thing’s wildlife management. 
   All are welcome to attend.

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