"Spring is in the air and anything is possible for investors" by: John Sample

   A year later and things are differently changing for the better. 
   The country had a box office opening for a new feature film and the attendance pushed gross receipts to over $32 million for the opening of Godzilla vs. Kong. 
   I was able to get vaccinated after having little or no luck for months. 
   In fact, I got vaccinated Wednesday, and then got calls from two separate hospitals that I had registered with to get a vaccine. 
   The unemployment report came out Friday announcing that new jobs added climbed to 916,000 and the unemployment rate was 6%. 
   That was the greatest employment increase since August 2020. 
   If that was not enough, the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock-index pushed through to record territory above 4000.
   All I can say is that if you check your brokerage account and it is not up a significant amount, you need to pause and figure out why. 
   It is obvious that there is significant growth and improvement in the economy. That said, the employment numbers don’t reflect the 8 million people still unemployed. It is the hope that the rollout of the vaccine will return people back to work. 
   It’s hard to argue that we are quickly recovering and probably are getting there sooner than later.
   The continuing argument will be whether we will suffer from cost-push inflation. 
   The thought being that we have pushed far too much cash into the economy and it will send prices rising. 
   We try to exclude energy as a factor. 
   Gas prices have increased along with just about everything I purchase these days. 
   It only seems reasonable that interest rates will reflect this. 
   As they go up, there will be more competition between bonds and equities. 
   I don’t see that coming until the last quarter of this year. 
   Just seems you have a chance over the next two months to make money through your stock investments.
   Maybe with all that money you can be in the market for a new EV vehicle. 
   It has been a great quarter for Tesla as they delivered far more cars in the first quarter than projected, it will be intriguing to see whether the other players can make a dent. 
   I admire Elon Musk and believe that he will adapt to whatever comes his way. 
   I do think that competition is coming - and not just from GM and Ford.
   What’s interesting for me in my trading account is finding value that can be traded in the short term before the end of the year. 
   I take profits in all that I have purchased earlier to lock in those gains. 
   It has been such a good ride that I could just sit out the rest of the year, with a double-digit gain. 
   It is spring, and it makes you think positively about the future. 
   In the Hill Country the wild flowers are blooming and trees are leafing out. 
   What could go wrong?    

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