"Stomach bug ruins all Easter plans but we made due" by: Jessica Shepard

   If you hadn’t heard lately there’s been some nasty sort of stomach bug going around.
   It’s running through several schools afflicting children and adults alike and I still don’t know how I encountered it!
   It’s somewhere between stomach flu and food poisoning and it hit the Reddell household last week.
   That means it made for a pretty lame Easter, too.
   I got it first and we assumed it was food poisoning in the beginning, but, by day four of my road to recovery Mike got it.
   That’s when we ruled out food poisoning because neither of us had ate or drank the same thing at the same time.
   But, we decided that after careful consideration that Mike probably got it from helping clean up the restroom post one of those nausea and vomit-induced episodes where I wasn’t wearing my glasses.
   Regardless, mom was the only one lucky enough to miss out on the experience.
   And I’ve got to say that I hadn’t had anything this bad since my early days in college when I was trying to figure out the golden ratio of alcoholic drinks during a party that could keep me still fit to attend work the next day.
   This time, I cried like a baby and have vowed revenge on whoever shared this particular bug with us.
   Mike said he hadn’t had an episode of vomiting this bad since 1974 or thereabouts.
   It made it a historic experience for both of us and we’ve stepped up our hygiene and sanitizing plans.   

All jokes aside, the power of ginger ale, Gatorade and Zwieback toast is probably the only thing that keep us alive.
   Zwieback toast is a type of crisp, sweetened bread, made with eggs and baked twice.
   Sometimes when we’re not dying inside we eat a few slices smothered in peanut butter for a semi-healthy snack.
   Honorable bland food mentions go to bananas, apple sauce, chicken soup and Jello – but I can tell you that I was never gladder to have REAL solid food when I could handle it
   It was like that moment in the first “Iron Man” movie where Tony Stark asks for an American cheeseburger when he’s back in Manhattan – I know that feeling all too well.
   My first real food was a Whopper from Burger King and I can safely say that I was never more relieved to be able to keep down solid food than when I had that first bite of flame-broiled deliciousness.
   All of that aside, it made it harder to celebrate Easter with such a window for limited main course items and side dishes.
   We settled for oven-baked brisket, macaroni and cheese and green beans since it wasn’t the usual grand feast affair.
   Both siblings spent their time away from home, much to mom’s dismay and she’s threatened them with tears if they miss another family holiday get-together.
   I’ve got no skin in that game since I’m always home, but I’ve tried to convince them to do better.
   After all, as long as mom’s happy then the whole family is happy.
   We’ll see what happens since the next big holiday is the 4th of July.
   Maybe we can get together for Mother’s Day in May before that – we’ll just have to wait and see.
   Naturally, mom doesn’t care when it happens as long as it DOES happen.   

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