"Missing the family cookbook when memories fail to recall recipes" by:Jessica Shepard

   While mom is in the middle of cooking dinner Monday afternoon, we realize something crucial.
   My sister Ashlee still has our family cookbook and a number of individual recipes that were stuck between said book’s pages.
   Now, normally, this isn’t much of a problem because we just pivot into a different dinner plan – well, unusually we do.
   However, that was not what mom had in mind Monday.
   I did have to remind her that she let Ashlee borrow the book to commit everything to a digital file that we could share.
   Mostly because the book is tattered and losing pages and partly because some of those handwritten recipes are pretty illegible and faded to almost nothing.
   Not to mention that some of the handwriting is so horrible it’s like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics.
   Especially anything our mom wrote down!
   Then again that little promise for a digital file of family recipes was given in December and we’re nearly six months past that.
   And I might be over-reacting a little bit, but, even if I text my sister and ask her for a recipe from the family tome, it takes almost 3-7 business days before I hear back from her.
   That makes it hard to get down to business and baking cookies if I don’t have the recipe on hand right then and there.
   Plus, if she doesn’t get back to me while I have time to cook or bake, then the mood is ruined and I don’t want to do it anymore.
   That’s my main problem – I lose motivation when it takes forever to get to the point of something or if I need to detour and go to the store for ingredients.
   Nothing aggravates me more than having to stop what I’m doing and take a trip to the grocery store in order to finish said food project I’m working on.
   It’s even worse when there’s a new recipe I’ve never used before, or if I’m trying to do something by memory.
   Yes, we even have a few recipes like that!
   There are a few casseroles and soups that mom makes that are done just by taste, look, and approximate serving sizes.
   We know the general amount of items to put in to get the basic end result but flavor profiles are tweaked on the fly and what works one time, isn’t quite as good the next.
   We’ve also refined some recipes through this tradition and have yet to commit them to paper or digital text.
   Worst case scenario, I can start on the family recipe file on my end then just invite her to add to it.
   Maybe something like a Google Drive file would work?
   I’m still pondering my options and dread having to do everything by email.
   Can you imagine how long that email chain would be?
   If anything, there’s hope that we either see my sister soon or she comes for a visit in time for Mother’s Day.
   By then, I’ll probably have to remind her about bringing the book back again.
   I mean, I haven’t seen anything about this digital file and have plenty of time to tackle the matter myself.
   After all, I’m on the computer almost all day every day, and have no worries about trying to decipher whose terrible handwriting is explaining what recipe.

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