"The adaptions we have made are opportunities for growth" by: John Sample

   We are well into spring with the wildflowers blooming and some actual rain. 
   It all seems wonderful, but in reality we are actually in drought. I sometimes think this is where we are in the equities markets. 
   I understand the numbers as to current unemployment, which is concerning especially if you are the one unemployed. 
   It seems, however, that the rollout of vaccines is allowing the public to get out. 
   Above the service industry, the economy is growing at a rapid rate. This is coming with a rise in prices which means some level of inflation. The Federal Reserve board will meet this week and I doubt seriously that anything of significance will be enacted. 
   This is another example of The Goldilocks syndrome - everything is just right.
It seems to me that never has worked. Sooner than later, the Federal Reserve will have to tap the brakes on all the liquidity supporting the market. 
   I am concerned that, per usual, it will come later than sooner and slamming on the brakes this fall will shake the market. 
   Anyone denying that prices are rising at an alarming rate is just ignoring reality. 
   I do believe that nothing negative will happen in the market this summer. 
   Even the correction in Bit coin this last week seems to just be market action as it recovered lost ground over the weekend. 
   We will get over one third of all earnings reports for the last quarter this week. 
   You will not stop a growing economy.
Earnings will get better throughout the end of the year. One would think that should mean nothing but further gains in the market. 
   That is why we are at record highs today. 
   The market is reflecting what it sees six to nine months in the future. 
   The problem is what does the market see coming in 2022, which is the conundrum. 
   I dare say that next year will be much harder to post gains that will exceed this year. 
   With gains of a mere 3%, the markets may retreat as it won’t be significant. 
   Moreover, by next spring, I dare say that interest rates will be higher. 
   In the meantime, we have nothing but good news. 
   Elon Muxk will host Saturday Night Live this weekend. 
   His Space X took astronauts to the space station last week and Tesla will post improved earnings. 
   It is impossible to ignore the reduction in cases of COVID and the numbers of citizens that are vaccinated. 
   Our year-long nightmare is coming to an end of some sort. 
   I say this as we will be dealing with this virus from now on, demonstrating our ability to adapt, which is our greatest asset. 
   So this is all said to wish you a happy summer as it will be great to get back to our old lives. .    

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