"Water, water everywhere and none of it’s for entertainment" bvy: Jessica Shepard

   Apparently, we’re in for another semi-wet week and I’m exhausted of the rain already.
   To be painfully honest that’s mostly because of the mosquitos and humidity.
   But, it also means mom’s garden is getting rained out and we won’t be able to make salsa again this year if we don’t get enough tomatoes and jalapenos.
   Really, those are the only things I care about.
   Her love of squash is completely lost on me and I couldn’t be gladder to hear that those specific plants are waterlogged and dying by drowning.
   She’s tried sneaking it into other dishes as of late with the few squashes we did get and I’m not opposed to that if the dish it’s in has strong enough flavors.
   But, squash almost all by itself hoping for an olive oil rubdown and a sprinkling of salt and pepper is by far not enough to make me choke down more than a few bites.
   And yes, I’m well aware of how childish it sounds but I hate that slimy mouthfeel with a passion of a thousand burning suns.
   That mouthfeel is also the main reason why I hate okra, too!
   I guess we’re going to have to pray for less rain and hope that it doesn’t lead to a drought situation later on.
   Sad thing is, I can’t tell if this is just a side effect of global warming or hurricane season or both?
   Probably both, but I’m not a climate or environmental scientist so I’m just staying indoors with air conditioning as much as possible and ignoring the great outdoors.
   Speaking of great outdoors, usually by this time we’d have our annual pool draining, mucking out, cleaning, and refilling weekend extravaganza.
   And if you’ve never experienced the joys of such a task, let me know and I’ll invite you when we get around to it this year.
   Sadly, our pool pump and plumbing are still out of commission from February’s Winter Storm Uri and though we’ve tried our best to remedy it we’re at the mercy of local plumbers’ availability.
   Plus, there are only so many chemicals we can add to the water to stave off algae and extra grossness.
   What I find weird is that the chemicals don’t keep frogs or turtles out of the pool, which is another big problem to face off with when it comes time to cleaning.
   Right now, we try to fish out all the extra animals we find before the pool becomes a truly green pond.
   The part that bothers me the most is that we have no timetable or possible window for when the motor will be fixed and installed properly.
   I say properly because my mom and brother tried to do it themselves one weekend and it was a complete disaster.
   The funny thing about pool motors is that they need absolutely watertight seals or else they don’t generate suction and pressure.
   I’m definitely not the one to get into the mechanics of it, but, suffice to say that I’ll probably be looking to hang out at friend’s houses if they have pools instead of waiting on ours.

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