"We’re entering where price elasticity comes into place" by: John Sample

   Finally through with the month of May and a holiday weekend starting summer thrown in for good measure. 
   With June upon us it appears we have put the pandemic on hold. 
   I don’t know if you were able to get out this weekend, but the rest of the country decided to give it a shot. 
   So much for going slowly. 
   Pent-up energy to move back to a more normal life seems to be the life chosen.
   This was the largest use of airlines in over a year. 
   I was lucky enough to visit with my daughter’s family over the Memorial Day Weekend.
   I wanted to mention to those of you that are less inclined to place your savings in crypto currency and are looking for something safe that provides a much better return than the bank. 
   Believe it or not but the U.S. government has stepped up to the plate. 
   You can make 3.4% on your money backed by the U.S. Government. 
   You can purchase U.S. Savings bonds called I bonds. 
   These are for small investors as you are limited to $10,000 per person. 
   That does not limit you from purchasing a bond for each and every person in your family.
   As to what is on the horizon in the equities markets, there is going to be a real battle as to the impact of inflation. 
   I would state that many of the noted surges in commodity prices will drop after recent amazing rises in value. 
   The return to a more normal life will assist this effort. 
   There is an economic axiom that is coming into place. 
   It is referred to as price elasticity. 
   In essence that means that at a certain price, people will drop their demand. 
   I know I am putting off remodeling until lumber prices come down. 
   This is transitory in nature. 
   As with stocks, it goes up but it also comes down.
   Enjoy your summer and as it begins, I hope you will take a moment and reflect on the sacrifices of all those that have given their lives in service to our country so you can relish and enjoy your freedom.

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