2021 Tidehaven Lineman Challenge

Bay City Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell

   Boling won Tidehaven’s 1st Annual Hog Challenge June 3.
   Tidehaven claimed second place, followed by Van Vleck in third and Rice in fourth.   
   The challenge featured 10 teams, seven schools, including: Bay City, Boling (2 teams), Tidehaven (2 teams), Van Vleck (2 teams), Ganado. Bloomington and Rice Consolidated.
   “It gives us a good look at which kids are putting in work,” Tidehaven Head Coach David Lucio said.
   “Most of all, it’s fun for the kids and it helps to keep them involved with the program.”
   The 10 events included: farmer walk, stone carry, medicine ball throw, tire flip, bench press (185) sled push (level 3), pile driver (five people), team tug of war (five from each team) and 1 on 1 tire tug (five rounds for each team).

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