"Trustees call special election after DeWitt resignation" by: Jessica Shepard

   Bay City ISD trustees unanimously approved calling for a special election in November to find a replacement after accepting board member John Dewitt’s resignation Monday, July 12.
   Board members present included James Scardami, Trent Tinnin, Jill Westmoreland, Matt Murray, and Priscilla Robinson,
   Trustees Mark West and John DeWitt were absent.
   The decision came after a 56-minute long closed session discussion with district legal counsel on how to proceed with the rest of DeWitt’s unexpired term.
   Dewitt was elected in 2019 and his three-year term ends in May 2022.
   “If there had been more than one year left, we would have been required to either nominate or hold a special election,” said BCISD board President James Scardami.
   “There’s less than one year left so we can nominate, hold a special election which would have been called in November, or allow the position to remain vacant until May. So, those are our three options that were discussed.”
   Scardami stressed that the winner of the special election would hold the board position until May 2022.
   “If you fill the spot it is not for a three-year term and we just want to be clear that we’re holding a special election in November to fill the remainder of his term that expires in May 2022,” he explained.
   “If that person wishes to run again in May, then they would run again in May of 2022. We’d be putting it back out to the voters to decide.”

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