"City honors contractor on bid specification differences" by: Mike Reddell

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
The City of Bay City honored four public works employees who worked all day during an electrical outage at the city’s wastewater treatment plant without any major problems. City Manager Shawna Burkhart said the four kept the plant running. The four, shown from left, are Randy Frontz, Johnny Cervantes, Marlon Swist and Jose DeLeon.

   City Council agreed to make good for the Nile Valley Road reconstruction contractor for bid specification discrepancies, at council’s meeting Tuesday, July 13.
   The discrepancy differences occurred in bid specifications for concrete wall paving on the bridge slope. 
   In one section the specifications call for paying the Nile Valley Road contractor, Port Lavaca-based Lester Contracting, per square yard, while the requirement in another place stipulates per cubic yard reimbursement.
   Lester Contracting said the reimbursement should be based on cubic yardage.
   Council decided to make good – after an executive session – on the contractor’s per cubic yard payment that totals $116,063.
   City Manager Shawna Burkhart said that payment wasn’t expected, but she said the city still expects to come under costs on the $6 million project.

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