"Missing a dog who kept me going with lots of games" by: Mike Reddell

   Jessica has already devoted a column (below) to our beloved Padme who left us last week.
   I wanted to put a final note to her comments.
   I’ve been blessed with some fine animals in my life – my half Rottie-German Shepherd Sam was as good a companion as I could imagine.
   In my books, Padme joins the pantheon status that Sam has in dogs.
   She was as much sports minded as I was – at least in our respective earlier years.
   One year, as I tried to get my fingers and arms to regain golf-related muscle memory, I was working on the short irons.
   Padme never missed a chance to get involved with any sports and seeing this new kind of ball she hadn’t seen before, she began the catch the high arc shots in her mouth.
   It looked painful and I tried to dissuade her without any luck.
   As soon as she caught the ball – she never missed – she would trot over and drop the balls into a pile, expecting me to work on those when the time came.
   She was a natural at shagging driving range balls.
      I used to shoot basketballs on an old rim and backboard.
   With the ever-present sports enthusiast Padme, I had to make sure I caught the rebound off the rim or backboard.
   I was about to say through the net, but let’s leave it at rim and backboard.
   Because if that ball hit the concrete, it was hers. 
   She’d quickly move it away by a few yards and expect me to come get it. 
   Padme figured out she could turn a basketball session into a soccer game, which she loved to play.
   Whether the sport of the minute was basketball or Frisbee, when she became a little winded she’d move the ball or disc off and catch her breath.
   Like Sam she was a great walking companion who required no leash. 
   And sadly, like Sam, Padme’s rear legs became arthritic and the end came rather fast for both of them.
   Even when she couldn’t stay up with my longer walks about the property, she watched me by walking around the house and keeping me in sight.
   I wished dogs had longer life spans, said I, echoing billions of other dog owners over the eons. 

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