PSA: Is Roth IRA better for young workers?

   If you’re early in your career, you’re probably not thinking much about retirement. 
   Nonetheless, it’s never too soon to start preparing for it. 
   So, you might want to consider choosing a traditional or Roth IRA. Which is better for you? 
   There’s no easy answer. 
   Depending on your income level, you can make tax-deductible contributions to a traditional IRA and your earnings are tax-deferred, meaning taxes are due when you take withdrawals. 
   With a Roth IRA, contributions aren’t deductible, but earnings and withdrawals can be tax-free, provided certain conditions are met. 
   It might benefit you to choose the Roth option and essentially pay taxes on your contributions now, especially if you think you’ll be in a higher tax bracket when you retire. 
   Also, a Roth IRA allows you to withdraw contributions – but not earnings – at any time, without penalties. 
   You may want to consult with your tax advisor for help in picking either the traditional or Roth IRA. 
   But try to contribute as much as you can each year to whichever one you choose. 
   Your IRA can be a valuable source of income during your retirement years. 
   This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor John Dickerson. Member SIPC

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