BCCDC members work on strategic plan

   BCCDC recently held a strategic planning session that included a focus on items like workforce development and creating a restaurant coalition. 
   During the strategic planning, BCCDC Executive Director Jessica Russell also told her board to consider a wide range of ideas on areas like infrastructure, drainage, road conditions, housing and code enforcement.
   Russell put up several posters marked with topics, such as strengths and weaknesses plus many more, and asked board members to write down their suggestions on sticky notes to place on the various posters.
   With Russell’s encouragement, board members continued to refine and prioritize several notes they placed on each topic poster and will take up the discussion at a later meeting.
   Russell had provided several ideas to expand on and pointed out previous strategic goals. 
   BCCDC also approved four façade grants at the Aug. 30 meeting.
   They included:

  •     Next Level Barber Institute, at 3313 Ave. F, received a grant for $2,849 for a sign in front of the building.
  •     All Star Rehab Plus Kids, 1913 7th St., $5,000 grant, for signage, façade renovation, and top of building painting.
  •     Hooks and Handbags, 2244 Ave. G, Suite A, $300 grant, for signage at the top of the building.
  •     Lynn Engineering, LLC, 1221 Ave. F, $5,000 grant, for repair and replacing signage on the highway, painting front of the building, and removal of interior walls along with new flooring. 
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