"COVID-19 cases still rising, MRMC admissions leveling" by: Mike Reddell

   COVID-19 hospital admissions have leveled off at MRMC – a statewide trend as well – but new confirmed COVID-19 continue to rise.
   “In Matagorda County COVID-19 cases are beginning to plateau,” said MRMC spokesman Tiffany Foltyn.
   “The number of COVID-19 admissions has leveled off, but we still have a very high number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital,” Foltyn noted.
   “Right now we are averaging 25 positive patients total in the medical surgical unit and ICU.”
   Foltyn was asked about pediatric cases at the hospital, a new concern monitored by state health authorities.
   “We have seen COVID-19 pediatric cases in the emergency department, but have not seen admission or transfer rates match the level of adults,” she said.  

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