"Labor Day this year encounters a changing society" by: John Sample

   Labor Day got me to thinking about the fact that the pandemic has changed things over the last year and a half. 
   I have several friends in the restaurant business and I am concerned about what will happen with their business. 
   We had two restaurants close for the week here due to lack of staff. Even higher wages apparently is not enough to bring some back to the service sector. 
   What, in reality, is happening is that many decided logically that they can’t really earn a living wage these days. 
   I have seen many I know in my home town transfer to other occupations. 
   It appears that the pandemic and the assistance from the government pushed them. 
   Some argue they are staying home collecting a check, which is larger than their pay check.
   But I see this more as a reality check about what it takes to support a family these days. 
   Do not be confused here, I’m never in favor of the government subsidies, whether it was salary or rent. 
   I’ve had friends ride out their unemployment and never look for a job until the checks quit coming. 
   I understand the concept but incentives do matter.
   What I see is that we experienced a catalyst. 
   Many will give up, but others move on to what they hope are bigger and better jobs. 
   It will impact the restaurant industry. 
   Look at those that were least damaged, with drive-through service. 
   We have a new Arby’s in town that only has drive-through service. 
   It probably will end up raising prices when we go out to eat. 
   I am not sure that is such a problem but it will have an impact. 
   I am not a person that uses fast food, but I have close friends in that business and it serves a niche in our society. 
   I wonder what will happen as prices go up. I assume we will adapt just as we have for cars, houses and almost anything else today.
   Another aspect that has come into focus is the supply chain. 
   Our auto industry has almost ground to a production halt due to the lack of chips. 
   It is estimated that there are almost 1,700 chips in every new car. 
   Many of the biggest names in high tech like Apple and Amazon have plans to build their own chips. 
   Hopefully that transition will bring in more new jobs. 
   The one thing that all these new jobs will have in common is the need for more training and education. 
   All of this change will bring opportunity. 
   Those able to adapt will be the winners. 

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