"Van Vleck school board approves $1.69 fiscal 2022 tax levy" by: Jessica Shepard

   Van Vleck school board members approved a $1.6956 total tax rate after a public hearing on Aug. 31.
   All trustees were present at the meeting.
   With that total tax rate, VVISD is looking at generating $12,391 local revenue per student and $4,522 in state funds.
   The total tax rate includes a $0.872 per $100 housing valuation maintenance tax and a $0.29756 debt levy.
   Van Vleck still has over $77 million in bonded debt from the 2017 bond project approved by voters.
   Based on the average taxable residence value of $93,075 the amount of taxes due are $1,088.
   That number is an increase of almost $93 over last year’s average taxes due on the same residence.
   The district’s current total appraised value is $2,285,842,995 – as listed on the appraisal roll with the county.

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