"Joy of fireworks gives way to day of movies" by: Jessica Shepard

   For most, Independence Day celebrations include a family barbecue, friends and some ruckus.
   If you’re old enough to drink, it gets a little better – but, also, a little dumber.
   Especially around live explosives. You know, fireworks.
   It’s a day full of traditions and, hopefully, safe fun.
   Growing up, I remember getting my hands on those little poppers you threw at the ground.
   My favorite part was lining up a whole bunch and stomping on them. I also enjoyed throwing them at the ground near my siblings.
   That wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but I got shafted with less poppers as the eldest.
   Well, maybe it seemed like less because I used all mine up quickly.
   But, it’s the same thing – mostly.
   Probably not, when my mom reads this. Still, it was all a prelude to the big event.

"Greece's debt troubles adds to wall of worries" by: John Sample

   It does appear that the Greek crisis will find some finality this week. 
   It does appear that Greece may have to leave the EU, but I am one that believes that will not happen.
   You only had to see the long lines at closed banks over the weekend. 
   Greece can complain and want to walk away from its debt, but the rest of Europe is not going to let that happen. 
   This is the problem when you borrow with no concern.
   There is always a day of reckoning. The problem is that politicians only care about being elected and the public pays for kicking the can down the road.
   The doom and gloom sent the market down last week by a small margin and started the market down early this week. 
   It is definitely adding to the wall of worry. 
   The problems are not isolated in Greece. 

"The Lord looks after us: A cure could be in front of us" by: Rosario Resendez

  I like to believe that everything that is out in the world that may be considered bad, has something good to counteract it. 
   When I say “bad” I mean diseases or other illnesses or discomforts that we can’t seem to find a cure for.  
   Another thing, I believe that the cure could be something so simple that we are over looking it. 
   A bee sting for instance, I thought it was common knowledge for everyone to know that after you remove the stinger you can apply mud onto the sting.  
   As the mud dries, it draws out the sting venom and most of the time the sting area doesn’t swell much if at all. 
   Most of the time when I tell people this they look at me like I’m kind of crazy. 

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"There are many routes through life, but only 1 to God" by: Betsy Monico

   I ventured out to Mabank this weekend to watch some baseball. 
   The first trip there was easy breezy. I used my phone’s handy dandy app to guide me to the loop in Athens and right to 175.  
   When we left there, I evidently took one wrong turn because when I picked up my phone just out of the city limits to see where I was going, I was on a totally different route home.  
   I pulled off of the road and tried to get my phone to pick back up the easy path that I took to get there.  
   It would not. It was like it refused to comply with my wishes.

"Working through limbo of hospice care" by: Jessica Shepard

   “We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world - the company of those who have known suffering,” said Helen Keller.
   While not a popular topic and surely not one of light reading, death is a fact of life.
   It touches each of us in its own way and leaves a mark on our life.
   Currently, my family is stuck in that limbo known as hospice care for the past few months and last weekend, it got extra serious.
   My paternal grandmother hangs in the balance between life and death.
As I write this Tuesday, she has a window of nearly 24 hours, but, they expect her to make even less – let alone see the end of the week.
   We have said our goodbyes and visited her as she transitions and still, it’s strange and depressing.
   My grandmother was the youngest of 12 children!

"EU uneasy with Greek reach to Russian, Chinese" by: John Sample

   The Greek debt situation holds the markets hostage for yet another week.   
    The dynamics are interesting at least to me. Greece reached out to both Russia and China for support last week. 
    The implications of the EU losing a member to the likes of Russia or China could tip the financial balance across the pond.    As I have noted before, China understands that the next war is not military but economic.   
    It is no mystery why China is literally building islands to extend their territorial waters that holds promise of substantial oil reserves.    
   China has been active in South America lining up natural resources necessary for future economic expansion.  
    It actually makes tuning on financial networks almost palatable if nothing more than trying to figure out what is coming next.

"Bible reminds us how God comforts our pain" by: Rosario Resendez

   “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and God of all encouragement who encourages us in our every affliction, so that we may be able to encourage those who are in any affliction with the encouragement with which we ourselves are encouraged by God.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
   This verse tells us that God sends to us people to comfort us when we are going through hard times. 
   In this way, ee is comforting us through the people around us.
   On May 20, my grandmother passed away. 
   We knew it was coming, we saw all the signs, but like I always say, we can prepare ourselves all we want, we will never be ready.

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"There is no expiration date on Jesus' goodness" by: Betsey Monico

   The fair ended for us yesterday when we packed up, said goodbye to our lambs, and headed home.  
   I make that sound so easy. It is quite a task because of all of the junk we carry up there.  
   It was such a good week.  
   We had good weather, good food, and a good time.  
   If I was asked to write a “Top 10 World’s Greatest Fair List” my No. 1 would be the time I get to spend with people.  
   It is a family affair with cousins, parents, and everyone involved.  
   My “golden” friends usually keep tradition in check and gather up at the Emmons camp.   
   We swing and catch up.  
   We have been swinging there as long as I can remember.  
   We laughed this year about the old days when we all slept on the floor.  
   There were sleeping bags and girls lined up tight.  

"Speaking of water" by: Mike reddell

   I’m writing this as the rain from Tropical Bill is falling here just south of Bay City.
   I mention my location here because I’ve learned that the rain could be falling in one part of Bay City and nary a drop in another part of the city.
   This column isn’t about the storm, but it is about water.
   Once Bill has passed us – and hopefully dumped some rain on the Colorado River north of the Highland reservoirs – summer will return and lots of people in Matagorda, Wharton and Colorado counties will resume their thoughts about future water supplies.
   I’ve now met a lot of those folks through two Tri-County water summits – the most recent at Prasek’s in Hillje last week.

"Merits of fine arts can't be overstated" by: Jessica Shepard

Jessica Shepard | Life's Lemonade

   As a former fine arts student of Bay City ISD, I applaud the efforts those educators are taking to bring an honors curriculum into our schools.
   I lettered in choir and spent a total of nearly eight years in choir throughout my career as a student of BCISD.
   Choir and my choir directors spoke to me on a level where subjects like science, physical education or math were failing.
   The fine arts gave me a chance to express myself in not only the least expensive way, but, in a way that was tailored to my needs.
   Without choir, I might not have been able to overcome my chronic asthma and the need for an emergency inhaler at all times.
   Without choir, my social anxiety would have been much worse than it is now.
   Choir gave me a way to voice my emotions, no pun intended.


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