"Long-ago bad dream teaches keeping faith in the Lord" by: Rosario Resendez

   EDITOR’S NOTE: Rosario’s plate is extremely full presently so a column was not possible this week. I chose to rerun a column she wrote in January that I felt was meaningful.
    When I was a young girl I had a very vivid dream. 
   It was so vivid and terrifying that I still remember everything about it as if I had just dreamt this dream last night. 
   In this dream I was walking through darkness, but I wasn’t afraid.  
   I looked in front of me and I saw Jesus looking at me and smiling, He reached out to me as if to beckon me to come to Him. 
   I began walking toward him happy, He wasn’t very far away but as I neared Him I heard a sound behind me.   
   I turned around and saw a huge multitude of hideous creatures rushing toward me.  
   I looked back at Jesus this time afraid at what I had just seen behind me and realized that now he was really far away. 

"Alesson from rain: Let God wash away your debris" by: Betsy Monico

   We are still seeing effects of the rain around here.  
   Our gate up front has not worked properly since the last thunderstorm.  
   I do not really know if the weather actually has anything to do with it or not, but I say it does just attempting to draw a somewhat logical conclusion for why it goes berserk.  
   One day a few weeks ago I had to park outside of the gate and walk home because the gate would not open.  
   It was the first sunny day in forever so I did not mind. I was looking forward to my stroll in the country.  
   Step one was to cross the cattle guard.  
   Step two was to climb over the gate then mosey on home down our white rock road.  
   My adventure was abruptly halted when I saw something move underneath the cattle guard.  
   It was a snake. I am not sure if my heart rate has returned to normal yet.  

"Learning importance of reporting weather" by: Mike Reddell

   When I was a young reporter, I became exasperated with my publisher because he frequently wrote his newspaper column on weather – or the Louisiana Tech football team in the fall.
   Louisiana Tech aside, I couldn’t see how weather could be that interesting.
   I really got disturbed when I was assigned to write something about rainfall amounts in different parts of the county.
   Over time that perception changed. When I became managing editor of that paper, I realized that a key charge of the paper was reporting news that mattered to the community.
   One measure of that, ancient newspaper wisdom held, were the topics of conversation among people in front of the post office. And, typically, two of the main subjects were politics and weather.

"Swimming lessons didn't help fear of water" by: Jessica Shepard

   Aquaphobia is the unnatural fear of water and often pertains to drowning.
   I have never been more afraid of water as of late then I am this Tuesday afternoon.
   Let me be frank - I can’t swim.
   Well, I can float and generally do alright in a swimming pool as long as I can touch the bottom with my feet.
   But, there’s something to be said when it gets above my head and I have a little panic attack.

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"Caution needed for growth abroad" by: John Sample

    After a week of nearly drowning, those of us in the Hill Country can at least be thankful that the drought has been put on hold for a while. 
   Experience tells you to enjoy while you can, even if the rain proves too much.  
   While the floods capture the news, we find our rivers just back to what they should have been.  
   Excess can be temporary at best.
   The stock market can be much the same sort of situation.  
   The first quarter GDP was in fact hampered by the weather and a union slowdown of the ports on the West Coast.  
   In fact, the first quarter was essentially a wash with a minor drop.  

"Blessings to unspoken heroes helping Texas flood victims" by: Rosario Resendez

   It seems like we have been having a lot of bad weather lately.  
   For the longest I can remember, Texas always seems to be going through a drought.  
   This year all the flood waters seems to be unleashed on us. 
   It is scary to see how much damage water can do to houses and people’s property.  
   It is also scary to see all the animals that show up in different locations where they don’t belong.  
   I saw in an article that there was an alligator in a parking garage.  
   My biggest fear of course are the snakes that show up all over the place which is what I don’t like at all. 
   I see that a lot of people seem to try to make light of all the tragedy and get a laugh out of people.  
   I’ve seen pictures on Facebook showing a shark swimming by a truck on a highway supposedly in Houston.  

"Think of the Lord's faithfulness when doubt arises" by: Betsy Monico

    The end of the school year is so close. My family is struggling!  
   It is hard to go to bed and it is even harder to get up. 
   We are ready for summer. We should already be in bed by now and one of my kids is standing here at the bar begging me to find him a needle and thread so he can repair “Donkey.”  
   An old donkey just reappeared from the good old Shrek days and it is in need of repair…so random!  
   He is worried about stuffing donkey with cotton balls to puff him back up, but does not have a clue where his backpack is for tomorrow or have his sack lunch packed.
   Life right now is just crazy.  
   Geez, I just heard him and now he is asking his Dad if he knows where a needle and thread is.  
   That has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard because my husband is a team player for sure, but he does not know where the sewing supplies are.  

"Sheriff: Holiday weekend 'terrible'" by: Mike Reddell

 “Memorial Day weekend was terrible,” Sheriff Frank “Skipper” Osborne told commissioners court Tuesday.
   The three-day holiday was marred by the drowning of a Van Vleck man who tried to save children caught in a rip tide and a murder in Bay City Sunday.
   There were four near-drownings on Matagorda Beach on Saturday, followed by the same number Monday.
   Alarmed by near-drownings a week before on the beach, Osborne told how his deputies, LCRA police and state game wardens all were on patrol on the beach. 
   In many cases, the sheriff said officers urged swimmers to leave the treacherous waters where the rip tides were.
   “They just waved at us and wouldn’t get out of the water,” the sheriff said.
   Before I wrote this column early Tuesday morning, I spent an hour online going through the barrage of weather reports to make sense of what has happened.

"Ignoring advice from 'Chicken littles'" by: John Sample

   I am sitting at my desk and witnessing an unusual event for my neck of the woods in the Hill Country.
   The rain is coming down in buckets. The Guadalupe River is running finally at a rate that has filled up Canyon Lake and will send any Memorial weekend tubers to the shore to avoid being swept away. 
   Beyond putting a sizable dent into the drought, if not ending it, the Whooping Cranes main food source will have the amount of fresh water to multiply. I am speaking of blue crabs that the cranes dine on. 
   I have little idea of what this has to do with investing except that it is something so totally different from the last seven years that one has to take note.

"Put faith in God when expecting the worst" by: Betsy Monico

   I had a few minutes one night this week and decided to leave the Sandlots and go for a run around the high school. 
   I pretended like I was Forest Gump and just took off running. 
   It was smooth sailing until I decided to cut through by the soccer fields. 
   It was muddy and uneven. I left like I was hiking and needed to trade in my running shoes for some off-road style hiking boots.  
   I slowed down to a cautious speed. I did not want fall. 
   I had a game to get to and the last thing I needed was to be covered in mud. 
   Ther were also soccer players working hard on the fields and I refused to have an embarrassing spill in front of them. I imagined it all in my head…it was not pretty!
   My adventure got even more exciting when I spotted a scruffy little black dog up in front of me. 


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