Yet another tale of grief from mud

You ever notice how something that barely affects you ends up affecting you a lot?
   No, then you would be a stranger in my world with its two suns and four moons and all.
   Sunday MaLinda decides our soggy, rain-drenched, sponge-like, water-still-standing yard could use a mowing.
   In February no less.
   When she wants to mow, she exerts her will. That wasn’t necessary because I had to go through the hours-long process on TV to prepare for the Super Bowl.
   I really didn’t care who won, although I was sort-of pulling for the Seahawks with four Aggies on the squad. 
   So, back to MaLinda’s mowing quest, which hit a bump when she couldn’t get riding mower started.

Commissioners OK pacts for water, sewer upgrades in Blessing, Wadsworth

Two Matagorda Beach issues – one involving the destruction of dunes and new house construction on a grandfathered property – will be decided by the state General Land Office, Matagorda County commissioners court agreed Monday. The court agreed to forward both on the recommendation of the Beach Dune Committee. 

Boys & Girls Club hopes Spot will be hot

The Boys and Girls Club of Matagorda County is hoping for at least 50 students to register for their new High School Spot after-school program. The program was officially unveiled Monday, Jan. 26, and is being shared via social media outlets and in the high schools. 

Take your time to find value in your investments

By John Sample
I want to address what should be the proper perspective when it comes to investing. In this column we will focus on stocks but the metholodlogy applies across the board. An exceptional average return on stocks would be in the 7 to 8 percent range. If that does not seem impressive to you, then you may be more interested in gambling rather than investing.


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