"Time of Lent: To recall Christ's teachings, sacrifice" by: Rosario Resendez

   This Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, many of you may have noticed people walking around with a smudge of ashes on their foreheads.   
   This is supposed to be a cross and we Catholics go to church on Ash Wednesday and receive the ashes as a sign and reminder to us all that Lent has started.
    Many people think of Lent as a time when people give things up for 40 days.    
   A lot of people give up social media, chocolate, sodas, things like that.   

"My 57th reunion with Davy" By Mike Reddell

 As I reported elsewhere on this page how Matagorda County Day in Austin allows local residents to acquaint themselves with state people, Tuesday’s event also gave me the chance to look up an old revered friend.
   It was 57 years ago that I first beheld the image of my hero, Davy Crockett.
   No matter how many times I’ve visited the capitol - and the total is in pretty serious double digits at my age - I always go visit Crockett’s bigger-than-life size painting.
I may have written before that I was disappointed in 1958, upon gazing at William Henry Huddle’s famous painting for the first time, to learn to my horror Crockett didn’t look like Fess Parker.
   Parker played the legendary frontiersman, congressman and Alamo hero in the mid-1950s Disney TV series.

"Stocks, health require constant monitoring" by John Sample

   Trying to discern the proper course of action is a difficult undertaking even if you avail yourself of all the possible information you can digest. 
   I suffered through a tough weekend due to the fact that I misinterpreted what I believed to be some lower gastro intestinal problems.  
   I followed a normal course of treatment on my own and found myself at the doctor. After a quick evaluation, he pointed out my mistakes and ordered a whole new course of action.  
   My methodology was logical, but far from correct and if continued would have been a problem. 
   I offer this example only as a way to say there are no guarantees, even with diligent analysis. 
   I have a friend who is just looking to begin to manage his own savings that he has accumulated quite handsomely over the years as an oil and gas attorney.  

"Time spent with Valentine could be greatest gift of all" By Rosario Resendez

   It would seem that love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is almost here. 
   I listen to the girls at work talking about the gifts they are hoping to get from their significant other on this special day and I’m in the background thinking after Valentine’s it’s three weeks until my birthday and I will be getting gifts too.  
   Except for my birthday I don’t drop hints - I flat out ask for what I want. 
   I like Valentine’s Day, I know a lot of single people think of it as Single Awareness Day and prefer to disassociate with it completely, but not me.  

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"Speeding ticket reminder of staying on path" by Betsy Monico

   A few weeks ago I got pulled over on the way to school and got what I deserved… a ticket!  
  I have always had a heavy foot if you want to call it that. You could say too that I put the pedal to the medal. 
  My cruise control is my best friend when I use it because it keeps me traveling at a slow and steady pace, not to mention a SAFE pace. 
  At the time of my citation, we were on the way to town.  
  For the first time all week, we were actually on time for school and work.  
  My Accord was packed full and rolling at maximum capacity.  

Letter to the editor by Mitch Thames

Dear editor,
   Can someone explain to me how the headline to this press release can read, “Texans Urge EPA to Set Strong Smog Pollution Safeguards,” when the press release came out 19 minutes after the hearing started?
   I requested a slot to speak about the effects that lowering the standards will have on rural Texas, like Matagorda County, and was not given a slot to speak.
   We don’t support dirty air and we certainly care for those with medical conditions, but there has to be a balance.
   Lower the Standard to 60 PPB and it will cost each vehicle owner an additional $30 dollars to get a vehicle inspection sticker, we have over 35,000 registered vehicles in our County, so Matagorda it will cost our community an additional $1.05 million to keep the same number of vehicles on the road.

Finding potential in stocks

  We made it through the first month of the year and the impact on your portfolio of stocks was not rewarding. 
   You can understand why this happened, with the drop in oil prices lowering expectations for earnings of some of the largest companies on the Dow and S&P 500 index.  
   Those companies alone would have lowered the averages.  
   Then there’s the impact of the dollar on American companies’ earnings potential worldwide.  
   Moreover, we had earnings reported that were less than encouraging. Unfortunately there is a laundry list of factors that would turn an investor bearish.  
   That also accompanied the long-held belief that as the market performance in January, so goes the performance of the overall market for the rest of the year. 
   The icing on the cake is the market has performed spectacularly for the last several years and betting on another seems to be Pollyannaish.

Thames announces candidacy

   Today it is with excitement that I announce my candidacy for Bay City City Council Position 5.   
   Six years ago I decided to run to make Bay City a family friendly city.  At that time, I noticed that we needed a Planning Commission, which we currently have. I believe a professional group, like our current commission, will be the answer to continued growth here in Bay City. 
   I have been actively involved in developing our community, working tirelessly on creating jobs. This is a major component of improving the quality of life for our citizens. 



Yet another tale of grief from mud

You ever notice how something that barely affects you ends up affecting you a lot?
   No, then you would be a stranger in my world with its two suns and four moons and all.
   Sunday MaLinda decides our soggy, rain-drenched, sponge-like, water-still-standing yard could use a mowing.
   In February no less.
   When she wants to mow, she exerts her will. That wasn’t necessary because I had to go through the hours-long process on TV to prepare for the Super Bowl.
   I really didn’t care who won, although I was sort-of pulling for the Seahawks with four Aggies on the squad. 
   So, back to MaLinda’s mowing quest, which hit a bump when she couldn’t get riding mower started.

Commissioners OK pacts for water, sewer upgrades in Blessing, Wadsworth

Two Matagorda Beach issues – one involving the destruction of dunes and new house construction on a grandfathered property – will be decided by the state General Land Office, Matagorda County commissioners court agreed Monday. The court agreed to forward both on the recommendation of the Beach Dune Committee. 


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