"Patriot Committee will be charged with planning 9-11 observance" by: Mike Reddell

Bay City Sentinel photos/Mike Reddell
Bobby Head presides over the inaugural meeting of the Matagorda County Patriot Committee that will plan the remembrance of 9-11..

   The Matagorda County Patriot Committee has been formed to plan the local observance of the 15th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.  
   The 9-11 Remembrance & Troop Support Rally will begin at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11, at Memorial Stadium in Bay City.  
   Organized by Bobby Head, the event “will bring together many of our local citizens, civic organizations, schools, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMS and businesses to show our remembrance to the victims and families of 9-11.”

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"CVB to await word from city on appointing directors" by: Jessica Shepard

   “We’ve got several individuals that are interested in being new directors on the board,” said Mitch Thames, Bay City chamber director during the Matagorda Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) meeting, July 14.  
   “Traditionally, our process has been for the board to approve those members. In communications, just recently, with the mayor and his office, I’m hearing that they want more involvement in picking or approving board members,” Thames said.  
   “So, we’ve provided this information to the office and are waiting on confirmation, added Thames.  
   “I will tell you that when I got here 11 years ago, there wasn’t anything in writing,” he said.  
   “When Richard was mayor and I came in, he said ‘do good and do lots of it.’ We struggled with board members.  
   “Now, we have members that are part of the tourism industry,” said Thames.  


"Volunteers needed for Market Days" by: Jessica Shepard

   The Bay City Market Days committee is in need of volunteers.  
   Not just for running the information booth, but also designated chairs within the committee.  
   Currently, Jeff Sanders, owner of Real Deal Grill, has taken up the chair position tied to advertising and social media.  
   Another seat is open for an events and an activities chairpersons.  
   “Activities make a lot of difference,” said MaLinda Reddell, overall committee co-chair.  
   “If you don’t have enough vendors to fill the whole courthouse, fill it with activities and keep people downtown.”  
   The bad part about July seems to be  that everyone is on or going on vacation, said Sanders.  
   “From 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. we were busy, but after that it was dead,” he said.  


Creativity at work

Bay City Sentinel/Jessica Shepard
Children participated in designing their own police badges during the Bay City Library's children's summer program July 12.


"A show of solidarity" by: Mike Reddell

Bay City Sentinel/MaLinda Reddell
Hundreds of people gathered at Bay City Police Department for Prayer Around the Pole Monday morning to show support for Matagorda County’s law enforcement officers and first responders.

   An estimated 300 hundred people showed their support of Matagorda County law enforcement and first responders at the Prayer Around the Pole Monday morning at the Bay City Police Department.
   The event drew an enthusiastic audience – as did a similar gathering at Mount Zion Baptist Church Monday night – in the wake of the fatal shooting of five Dallas police officers last Friday.
   “What a beautiful sight to see everyone here,” said BCPD Captain Crystella Rodriguez, who coordinated the event.
   “I’m overwhelmed today. This is far more than I expected,” added Police Chief Roger Barker.
   “It is great to se   An estimated 300 hundred people showed their support of Matagorda County law enforcement and first responders at the Prayer Around the Pole Monday morning at the Bay City Police Department.


"County OKs legal action against 6 properties" by: Mike Reddell

   Six legal actions addressing health and safety issues sought by County Attorney Denise Fortenberry were approved by Matagorda County Commissioners Court at its regular meeting Monday, July 11.
   The court’s approval allows Fortenberry “to file suit to abate nuisance” conditions the county claims exists in unincorporated areas at Bay City, Markham and Sargent.
   Action against the six, Fortenberry explained to commissioners, include overgrown weeds, unsafe septic situations – leading to possible spreading of disease - and the accumulation of rubbish and abandoned household appliances and autos.
   Precinct 3 Commissioner James Gibson asked the county attorney if she was doing something “you’d rather not do.”
   Fortenberry explained the process that has included Environmental Health Director Lisa Krobot’s office trying to contact the property owners involved to correct the problems cited in the cases.


"Pokemon: It’s taking over here, everywhere" by: Jessica Shepard

   If you haven’t heard about “Pokemon Go” yet, you might be completely out of the information loop.
   Or over the age of 35.
   “Pokemon Go” is a free to play iOS and Android App available in the US, Australia and New Zealand currently.
   The App is quickly gaining ground despite server issues that are also delaying the game’s release in other countries.
   Pokemon Go uses mobile users’ location via GPS and Wi-Fi to help locate Pokemon, Pokestops, gyms and to hatch eggs.
   Users can view Pokemon in the real world in real time with the help of their phone’s digital cameras and augment reality that mimics another app, “Ingress.”
   In fact, “Ingress” and “Pokemon Go” are owned by the same company – Niantic Labs.
   Niantic Labs partnered with Nintendo to get the game together and released.
   Nintendo also is pre-selling a wearable device that lets users catch Pokemon without having to look at their phones.


"Milberger notes county beach efforts" by: Mike Reddell

   Three Matagorda Chamber of Commerce members thanked Precinct 2 Commissioner Kent Pollard and Sheriff Skipper Osborne for their efforts to make Matagorda Beach safer for swimming and cleaner at commissioners court’s regular meeting Monday.
   Sue Milberger, Peggy Stanley and Teri Treadway were at the meeting to express gratitude for Pollard and Osborne for working with the Matagorda Chamber on beach problems. 
   Milberger, the chamber’s president and spokesman at the county meeting, praised the new signs that warn swimmers about dangerous rip tides on the beach.

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"Glen Davis living out his BBQ dream " by: Jessica Shepard

Bay City Sentinel/Jessica Shepard
Glen Davis, co-owner of Davis’ BBQ & Café checks and shows off several briskets being smoked over oak wood for lunch on Tuesday.

   Since opening on New Year’s Day, the Davis’ BBQ & Café has been busy every week.
   The café is open from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m. for breakfast and lunch buffets.
   Lunch buffets vary depending on the day.
   Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are “Homestyle” cooked meals that can range from enchiladas and chicken fried steak to soups or chili in the winter time.
   The price for that buffet is $10.50 per visit or to-go plate and include a drink and dessert.
   Tuesday and Thursday lunches feature at least two different types of barbecued meat and clock in at $13.50 per visit or to-go plate.
   Barbecue meat can also be purchased by the pound.
   “I love to barbecue,” said Glenn Davis, co-owner of the café.
   “It’s always been my dream.”
   Glen is joined by his wife Leslie, their children and other family members to help run the café.


"Bay City teacher publishes 1st book, with plans to write more" by: Jessica Shepard

Contributed photo
Former Bay City ISD teacher Elizabeth Moreno, enter, poses with BCJH teacher Nora Dearing and Vice Principal Mena Collins who hold copies of her newly published children’s book: “Sancho the Silly Billy Goat.”

   Former Bay City ISD language arts teacher, Elizabeth Moreno will host a children’s book signing for July 20-21 at the Bay City Public Library from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
   Moreno’s book, “Sancho the Silly Billy Goat,” began in 2004 with the help of Lori Reyna’s family’s stories about their pet goat.
   Reyna was a fellow parishioner of Moreno’s church.
   “Sancho was a goat that couldn’t stay out of trouble,” said Elizabeth Moreno.
   “This narrative shows how the family tried to rehabilitate him but to no avail.”
   Moreno says that the book is primarily in English with about 20 Spanish words.
   “I included a glossary and pronunciation key to make it easier to understand,” she added.
   “I’ve found myself repeating some of the verses as I go to sleep. Most of the story is true, but I made up the part about Sancho jumping in a pond. Looking back, I don’t know how I included Spanish as easily as I did.”


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